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Samira’s Caravan is a directory that lists specific niches of brands with an intention to connect people of the same minds and souls, and ease their way through purposeful trading of goods and services. Together, we can make a positive impact by sharing things that are soulful, meaningful, and mindful; and by bringing together brands that have strong craftsmanship and cultural heritage.


Artisan products that are beautiful, soulful, meaningful, and valuable, that focus on making a positive impact and promote sustainability.

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Places to travel, activities to try, and services to love, that offer unique but simply authentic experiences from all over the world.

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Inspiring workshops, whether online or in-person, for learning a remarkable set of skills or for pursuing rare hobbies and new interests.

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Samira’s Caravan promotes well-crafted, soulful, and authentic goods rather than those that are mass-produced, unethical, and non-sentimental. We seek better lives in hopes of bringing back the days where every single thing is valued as it is well-crafted and can be passed down as a family heirloom.


Samira’s Caravan is a highly-curated directory of well-crafted goods, heirloom pieces, and timeless experiences. We aim to encourage individuals to shop with purpose and meaning. We advocate the purchase of high-quality and well-made pieces that can either be passed down to future generations or be resold to other well-meaning individuals.

We are not a shop, but an all-in-one, highly-curated directory that connects individuals with brands that provide uniquely crafted, well-made, and authentic heritage goods that are beautiful, functional, and meaningful.

Our Caravan is segmented into three (3) categories: Essentials, Experiences, and Educational. We host artisan brands creating sustainable, ethical, and meaningful products while focusing on craftsmanship and heritage. We make sure that our list is comprehensive and well-curated. The brands featured in our directory undergo a screening process that helps ensure that they are a good fit for the Caravan. For more information about our screening process, please send us a message.

Browse our directory and check out the listings that provide product information and links to the brands' websites.

No, we do not. We provide direct links to the listed brands.

All processes are handled by the brands themselves.

Head over to our Sign Up Page (Join the Caravan) and fill out the form. Once received, we will review the application and get in touch with you regarding the next step of the process.

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We promise to only share beautiful stories and bring you good news about our caravan journey.

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